Virtual Clinics


Bring your team together with a bespoke online coaching session. Featuring soccer drills with licensed Whitecaps FC coaches and a tailored chalk talk on a business topic of your choice.

Professional coaching to get your team moving.


Engage your team and entertain your clients with virtual soccer coaching from a licensed Whitecaps FC coach.

Hear from industry-leading experts on topics of your choice.


Led by a Whitecaps FC player, coach, or staff member, your session will offer a deep-dive into a topic of your choice.


“We had a bunch of fun, with Tosaint Ricketts engaging with our clients’ kids from Vancouver to Toronto. The Whitecaps coach talked about managing remote teams and how to handle the ‘car ride home’. Perfect for parents with kids who play sports, or people working with remote teams.”



“It was something completely different that was fun and had us all active at home. Tosaint Ricketts was a brilliant coach for the kids and the access to top level coaching tips was really interesting. We had nothing but great feedback from our key clients and while we wait to get back to watching our favourite teams live, this was a brilliant alternative.”


Get geared up and be first-in-line when we get back to the field.


Conference includes Whitecaps FC swag, gifts and merch plus a suite deposit for a 2021 season game at BC Place.


Starting at $3,000.


What can I expect?

Virtual Clinics are online interactive coaching sessions that bring your team and clients together. Get out of your seat and get moving with live soccer training from a Whitecaps FC player or licensed coach. Then, take part in a private seminar with a senior Front Office member on a topic of your choice.

How does the soccer coaching work?

First, a Whitecaps FC player or coach will demonstrate the soccer drill and explain what you need to do. Then, you’ll have a go yourself! As you practice, the ‘Caps player or coach will give you live feedback on how to improve your skills.  


These drills are designed to get your team moving, so make sure you’ve got plenty of space and leave the slippers on the sideline! 


Can families be involved?

Absolutely! Your kids are more than welcome to get involved. We love working with the next generation of soccer stars.

What topics can we discuss during the seminar?

You’ve got plenty of choice here. Together we’ll find an area of expertise that you’re most interested in. Possible topics include but are not limited to:  


Managing Teams Remotely  

Leading through Adversity  

Organizational Transition  

Adaptive Leadership  

Youth Health and Fitness  


Each seminar will be followed by a lively Q&A. This is your chance to dive deep into the world of professional sports. Ask us about anything you like! 

Is it another webinar with people sitting down at a laptop or are people able to interact with the content?

Our goal is to get you moving! Our Virtual Clinics offer a unique blend of live soccer training and business insight. Your team and clients will love this opportunity to stretch their legs and gain fresh perspectives. 

Are there any other benefits for me and my guests?

We’ll provide a Whitecaps FC gift package, which includes, prizes, a Whitecaps FC jersey, discounts and merchandise. Plus, we’ll pay your deposit for a suite at BC Place when fans can return to live matches.

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