Membership Biography

Name: Michael Butler

Company: Oculus Eye Ophthalmology Centres of Excellence

Membership Type: Pitchside Club

Member Since: 2011

Personal Biography

Birthplace: Vancouver

Where are you currently living? Kerrisdale

Currently reading? A Promised Land – Barack Obama

Currently listening to? Michael Bolton and Phil Collins. 80’s soft rock is my jam right now.

Professional Biography

Company industry: Ophthalmology

How long has your company been around? My father began as an ophthalmologist over 40 years ago in Vancouver. My sister and I joined him about 10 years ago.

How many employees: 5 doctors and 12 staff.

What services or products do you offer? Eye surgery, dealing with the medical and surgical aspects of the eye. Cutting edge retina therapies and personalized premium cataract surgery.

What do you want people to know about Oculus Eye? We offer a patient-centred approach. We embrace cutting edge technology, with premium care for people with retina diseases and cataract surgery. Compassion is key. Always putting the patient first.

About the Whitecaps.

Favourite Player (past & present) Alphonso Davies & Lucas Cavallini.

Fondest Whitecaps FC match memory: First seeing Alphonso Davies play and realizing he is a world class talent.

What does your ideal Whitecaps FC match entail? Walking in with the team as a player, but just to observe from Pitchside Club. I wouldn’t want the team to lose!

Favourite thing to eat in the stadium? Chicken burgers.

Speed round.

Favourite pizza toppings: Hawaiian.

If you could time travel, where/when would you go? Naples to watch Maradona play.

What is your pet peeve? People who take themselves too seriously.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Always be compassionate. To effectively lead one must also follow at times. Put other people first.

Superpower? I was once the lead singer of a rock band. Our stage shows are the best ever.

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